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How will workers' compensation medical bills be processed?


Nevada Insurance Guaranty Assoication authorizes reasonable and necessary medical treatment for workers who resided in Nevada when injured in the course and scope of their employment for employers with workers’ compensation policies written through insurance carriers designated as “impaired insurers” by the Nevada Commissioner of Insurance. Authorization for treatment for injured workers, non Nevada residents on the date of accident should be obtained from the guaranty fund of the state the worker lived when injured.


Due to the transition of claim files from the impaired carrier or handling Third Party Administrator (TPA) to NVIGA, we do not anticipate processing the medical bills left unpaid by the carrier or TPA in less than ninety (90) days from the date of the carrier’s impairment. Payments will only be made on those bills on which we have received a claim file and have confirmed coverage and compensability.

Medical bills outstanding and unpaid from prior submissions to an impaired carrier or TPA should be re-billed to NVIGA. Requests for reconsideration should be completed, a copy of the bill as it was originally submitted, with a copy of the carrier’s EOB, must be attached.  With your request, please provide a detailed position statement explaining why additional reimbursement is needed.

Thank you for your patience and consideration while we begin to receive and process the claims in Liquidation.


faq | by Dr. Radut